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When will harassment stop ? (updated X 2)

First it was Kathy Sierra, now more sad news for female bloggers in the tech industry.

Pamela Jones is running an article today about the harassment she has been subjected to in the legal battle she covers at Groklaw

The article reads pretty scary when she voices her concern about the possibility of being shot.

“…SCO wants to put a pin on a map and point to it and say, “Here’s PJ.” Then someone drops by and shoots me, I suppose. I certainly have nothing to tell them that is relevant to this litigation…”

Harassment is harassment, online or offline, it doesn’t matter.

Harassment is harassment, no matter whether you’re a liberal or conservative, even if Michelle Malkin seems to shift focus to politics when talking about these issues, even if it’s a reply, it’s a generalization on stereotypes shifting focus from the real point.

Harassment is harassment, and we should care more about it not happening to any journalist of any political view, race, sex or condition.

I believe in law, but more than anything I believe in justice.

My only hope is that both will be aligned so that we don’t have to hear from any more sad Stories.

UPDATE: Slashdot is now picking the story. Of particular interest to this topic is this comment by Anna Merikin

Pamela Jones has posted earlier the full text of the exhibits SCO has presented trying to serve her deposition.

My comment: Stop the gangsters NOW.

UPDATE #2: Ryan Paul of Arstechnica reports and gives further insight:




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